Thumb Screw

Thumb Screw

Thumb Screw
Thumb Screw
Thumb Screw
Thumb Screw
Automotive screws type: thumb screw
Payment method: Wire transfer
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Product Features

Thumb screw is a type of screw that can be tightened or loosened by hand, without the need for a tool. It is designed with a knurled or textured head, which provides a non-slip grip for fingers.


Thumb screws are commonly used in drum construction to secure various components, such as cymbal arms, drum mounts, and other hardware. They are popular because they can be easily adjusted and tightened or loosened quickly, without the need for a tool.


Used in threaded hole or with nut & washer (not included)

Great for use in applications where the screw may need to be adjusted frequently by hand



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Product Details:

Product Name

thumb screw


Stainless Steel, Steel, Low-carbon steel, Carbon steel

Measurement system:  


Place of Origin:




Product specification:

4 x 4 x 2 inch

Surface Treatment:

nickel plating, polishing, sherardizing, chrome plating


OEM Customized


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, widely used in industrial machines.



Q 1: Does each custom part require a mold fee?

A: Not all custom parts require mold fees. For example, turning parts does not require molds, but requires suitable tools and fixtures.

Q2: How much is the freight?

A: If you let us know your order quantity and shipping method, we will quote you as soon as possible. (Sea, air or express)

Q3: Can you get your catalog and price list?

A: Because we have thousands of products, it is difficult to send you all catalogs and price lists. Please tell us the style you are interested in, we can provide a price list for your reference.

Q4:Can I request to change the form of packaging and transportation?

A: Yes, We can change the form of the packaging and transportation according to your request, but you have to bear their own costs incurred during this period and the spreads.

Q5:Visting factory is allowed or not?

A: Yes, we welcome customers visiting our factory.


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