About Us

About Us

Our History

Ying-Chang was founded in 1979, has its own compelet production line, more then 40 years of professional production technology. Through customized R&D, desigh and produce, we provide multiple choices, high quality products, long-term cooperation with many well-known companys.Create a win-win situation.

Our Factory

Yingchang Metal Co., Ltd. is a reliable screw machine manufacturer in Taiwan.Our products are widely used in automotive, medical, furniture, musical instruments, hand tools and more. Through customized R&D and special machines, strict control of product quality and excellent after-sales service, we provide good OEM and ODM services according to customer requirements.

Our Product

Screws, nuts, bolts, washers, rivets, pins, retaining rings, CNC precision machining, hardware accessories, furniture screws, automotive screws, musical instrument screws, lock screws, to provide diversified services to meet customer needs.

Product Application

Widely used in car, medical equipment, furniture, musical instrument,hardware...and others.

Our Certificate

At present our company has obtained ISO9001 certification

Production Equipment

Our company's equipment includes high-speed cold forging machines, automatic tooth rolling machines, lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC turning and milling machines and professional quality inspection equipment

Production Market

Our products are currently mainly exported to Japan, the United States and China. Has established long-term cooperation relationships with well-known companies such as Guochuan, Pearl, Yamaha, TCT NANOTEC and AURORA OFFICE FURNITURE

Our Service

Real-time customer inquiry system: After receiving the related product inquiries from Ying Chang, Ying Chang will respond in detail immediately, so that the customer service has zero jet lag.

  • Tailored to meet product requirements: Ying Chang will further confirm customer needs and specifications Product details
  • Professional Manufacturing: After receiving the order, Ying Chang's production management department will require design and drafting personnel to plan according to the customer's product requirements, while the manufacturing department will execute the design plan.
  • Strict quality control: In order to ensure product quality and meet customers' product requirements, Ying Chang quality inspectors effectively control the quality during the manufacturing process. All products are inspected before leaving the factory to facilitate subsequent service