Hollow End Rivets

Hollow End Rivets

Hollow End Rivets
Hollow End Rivets
Hollow End Rivets
Hollow End Rivets
Hollow End Rivets
Hollow End Rivets
Hollow End Rivets
Hollow End Rivets
Hollow End Rivets
Hollow End Rivets
Rivet type: Tubular rivet
Payment method: Wire transfer
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Hollow end rivets, also known as semi-tubular rivets, are a type of rivet that has a partially drilled hole or hollow end on one side. This type of rivet is commonly used in applications where a permanent joint is required, such as in the manufacturing of machinery, appliances, and automotive parts.


Hollow end rivets are made from a variety of materials, including aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel. They are installed using a special tool called a rivet setter, which deforms the un-drilled end of the rivet to create a permanent connection between the two materials being joined.


The hollow end of the rivet allows for a more controlled deformation of the rivet during installation, resulting in a more secure and consistent joint. Hollow end rivets are often used in applications where the joint must withstand high stress or vibration, such as in the construction of aircraft or heavy machinery.


Semi-hollow rivets (also known as tubular rivets) are similar to solid rivets, but they have a partial hole (opposite the head) at the tip. The purpose of this hole is to reduce the amount of force needed for application by rolling the tubular portion outward.



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Product Details:

Product Name

hollow rivet


stainless steel

Measurement system:  

Metric, Imperial

Place of Origin:




Product specification:

1/8",3/16 "

Surface Treatment:

nickel plating, polishing, sherardizing, chrome plating


OEM Customized


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, widely used in industrial machines.



Q1:If the products have some quality problem,how will you deal with it?

A: Each step of production and finished products will be inspected by

QC department before shipping.If the quality problem of products caused by us, we will provide a replacement service.

Q2: If l have a product wants to be made in other special material, can you do it?

A:Of course, you just need to provide us designed drawings or sample and R&D department will estimate that whether we can do or not, we will give you the most satisfactory reply.

Q3:What's your advantage?

A: (1) We have full-set latest and advanced machines, which ensure good quality, fast efficiency, low cost...

(2) We have stable employees working for us.

(3) We have experienced and capable managers.

Q4: Can you give me a discount?

A: Discount is available,but we have to see the real quantity,we have different price based on different quantity,how much discounts is determined by the quantity,moreover,our price is very competitive in the field

Q5: What is the nearest port of your factory?

A: Taichung Harbor.


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