Solid Round Head Rivets

Solid Round Head Rivets

Solid Round Head Rivets
Solid Round Head Rivets
Solid Round Head Rivets
Solid Round Head Rivets
Solid Round Head Rivets
Solid Round Head Rivets
Solid Round Head Rivets
Solid Round Head Rivets
Rivet type: solid rivet
Payment method: Wire transfer
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Product Features


Solid round head rivets are a type of fastener used to permanently join two or more materials together. They are commonly used in the construction of heavy machinery, automobiles, and aircraft.


Solid round head rivets consist of a cylindrical shaft with a head on one end and a tail on the other. During installation, the rivet is inserted through a pre-drilled hole in the materials being joined, and the tail is then deformed using a hammer or specialized tool, which causes the tail to expand and form a permanent connection between the materials.


Solid round head rivets are typically made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and copper. The round head provides a decorative and functional finish to the rivet, which can be used to distribute force across a wider area of the joint, reducing stress concentration and improving the overall strength of the connection.


Very suitable for repairing ships, planes, manufacturing armor, customized mouse sticks, John ships, etc.

High-quality aluminum: This head rivet is made of high-quality aluminum and provides some of the highest corrosion resistance.

Our hardware is very sturdy and ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Excellent protection: Metal Magic hardware is ideal for use in wood and wet environments.



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Product Details:

Product Name

solid rivet



Measurement system:  

Metric, Imperial

Place of Origin:




Product specification:

3/16" x 3/8"

Surface Treatment:

nickel plating, polishing, sherardizing, chrome plating


OEM Customized


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, widely used in industrial machines.



Q1: What is your minimum number of products?

A1: Our MOQ is usually 10k. Different products have different MOQs and 500 special products.

Q2. What are your payment terms?

A2: Payment <= 5000 USD, 100% in advance. Payment >= 5000 USD, 50% T/T in advance, 100% balance before shipment.

Q3. What is your main product and material supply?

A3: Our main products are musical instrument screws, Sems screws, self-tapping screws, safety screws, shoulder screws, etc. Special non-standard studs, turning parts and high-end sophisticated CNC machining parts, etc.

Q4. Can you get your catalog and price list?

A4. Because we have thousands of products, it is difficult to send you all catalogs and price lists. Please tell us the style you are interested in, we can provide a price list for your reference.

Q5. What drawing format is required for production?

A5: Both 2D and 3D are available. 2D, such as PDF, CAD, JPG, etc. 3D, such as STP, IGS, STL, SAT, PRT, IPT, etc.


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