M6 Thumb Nut

M6 Thumb Nut

M6 Thumb Nut
M6 Thumb Nut
M6 Thumb Nut
M6 Thumb Nut
M6 Thumb Nut
M6 Thumb Nut
M6 Thumb Nut
M6 Thumb Nut
M6 Thumb Nut
M6 Thumb Nut
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NUT type: knurled nut
Payment method: Wire transfer
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Product Features


Thumb nut is a type of nut that can be tightened or loosened by hand, without the need for a tool. It is designed with a knurled or textured head, which provides a non-slip grip for fingers.

When specifying a thumb nut with M6 specification, it means that the nut has a diameter of 6 millimeters, which is the standard size for M6 threaded screws or bolts. M6 is a metric specification, commonly used in the manufacturing and construction industries.


[MATERIAL] - Made of 304 stainless steel, rust resistance and durable to use.

[ADVANTAGE] - This facilitates tightening by hand, commonly used in electronics applications.

[WIDELY USE] - Common on 3d printer beds, machine tools, cabinets, tool boxes, and great for maker projects and things that need adjusted quickly. Works with bolts, studs and screws.



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Product Details:

Product Name

m6 thumb nut


Stainless Steel, Steel, Low-carbon steel, Carbon steel

Measurement system:  


Place of Origin:




Product specification:


Surface Treatment:

nickel plating, polishing, sherardizing, chrome plating


OEM Customized


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, widely used in industrial machines.




Q1: Do you provide ODM/OEM services?

A: Yes, OEM/ODM is welcome, please feel free to send us your drawings or samples


Q2: What is your minimum quiatly of products?

A: Our MOQ is usually 10k. Different products have different MOQs and 500 special products.

Q 3: Does each custom part require a mold fee?

A: Not all custom parts require mold fees. For example, turning parts does not require molds, but requires suitable tools and fixtures.

Q 4: What is the loading time of a container?

A. 15 days

Q5: When can I get a quote?

A: We usually quote within 24 hours after confirming your inquiry. If you are very eager to get the price list, please contact us so that we can reply to you as soon as possible


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