Flat Knurled Nuts

Flat Knurled Nuts

Flat Knurled Nuts
Flat Knurled Nuts
Flat Knurled Nuts
Flat Knurled Nuts
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NUT type: knurled nut
Payment method: Wire transfer
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Product Features

Flat knurled nuts are a type of fastener that features a textured or knurled surface on the outside of the nut, allowing it to be easily gripped and turned by hand. The knurled surface provides a better grip than a smooth surface, making it easier to tighten or loosen the nut without the use of tools.


Flat knurled nuts are typically made from metal, such as steel, brass, or aluminum, and are commonly used in applications where frequent adjustments or disassembly may be required, such as in machinery, electronics, or automotive applications.


One of the primary advantages of flat knurled nuts is their ease of use. Because they can be turned by hand, they eliminate the need for tools or wrenches, making them a convenient option in applications where space or accessibility may be limited. Additionally, the knurled surface provides a more secure grip than a smooth surface, reducing the risk of slipping or stripping.



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Product Details:

Product Name

knurled nut


Stainless Steel, Steel, Low-carbon steel, Carbon steel

Measurement system:


Place of Origin:




Product specification:  


Surface Treatment:

nickel plating, polishing, sherardizing, chrome plating


OEM Customized


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, widely used in industrial machines.



Yingchang Metal Co., Ltd. is a reliable screw machine manufacturer in Taiwan. Our products are widely used in automobiles, medical, furniture, musical instruments, hand tools, etc.

Through customized R&D and special machines, strict product quality control and excellent after-sales service, we can provide good OEM and ODM services according to customer requirements.

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Q1: What are your payment terms?

A1: Payment <= 5000 USD, 100% in advance. Payment >= 5000 USD, 50% T/T in advance, 100% balance before shipment.

Q2. What is the loading time of a container?

A2: 15 days.

Q3. What is your main product and material supply?

A3: Our main products are musical instrument screws, Sems screws, self-tapping screws, safety screws, shoulder screws, etc. Special non-standard studs, turning parts and high-end sophisticated CNC machining parts, etc.

Q4. Can you get your catalog and price list?

A4. Because we have thousands of products, it is difficult to send you all catalogs and price lists. Please tell us the style you are interested in, we can provide a price list for your reference.

Q5. What drawing format is required for production?

A5: Both 2D and 3D are available. 2D, such as PDF, CAD, JPG, etc. 3D, such as STP, IGS, STL, SAT, PRT, IPT, etc.


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