T-Handle Bass Drum

T-Handle Bass Drum

T-Handle Bass Drum
T-Handle Bass Drum
T-Handle Bass Drum
T-Handle Bass Drum
T-Handle Bass Drum
T-Handle Bass Drum
Sample: available
MOQ: 1000PCS
Drum type: T-Handle Bass Drum
Payment method: Wire transfer
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Product Features

T-handle bass drum is a type of drum that has a handle shaped like the letter "T" attached to the bass drum pedal. The T-handle allows the drummer to adjust the position and tension of the bass drum pedal quickly and easily by hand, without the need for a drum key or other tool.


The T-handle on a bass drum pedal is typically made of metal or plastic and may have a textured surface to provide a better grip. It is attached to the pedal shaft and can be adjusted up or down to change the position of the beater on the bass drumhead. The T-handle may also have a locking mechanism that allows the drummer to secure the position of the pedal in place.



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Product Details:

Product Name

T-Handle Bass Drum


Stainless Steel, Steel, Low-carbon steel, Carbon steel

Measurement system:  


Place of Origin:




Product specification:


Surface Treatment:

nickel plating, polishing, sherardizing, chrome plating


OEM Customized


Musical instrument



Q1: How do you ensure quality?

A1: On the one hand, our company has a strong team and high-precision machines to ensure quality; on the other hand, all our processes strictly comply with ISO9001:2015 procedures. From production to delivery, we have strict production processes.

Q2. What is your sample policy?

A2: If there is a spot, we can provide samples, but the customer must pay the courier fee.

Q 3. Does each custom part require a mold fee?

A3: Not all custom parts require mold fees. For example, turning parts does not require molds, but requires suitable tools and fixtures.

Q 4. Where is your factory, can I visit?

A4. The factory is mainly located in Taichung, Taiwan. Please feel free to visit our factory and provide guidance. We can pick you up at the nearest airport or train station.

Q5. Will you test all products before shipping?

A5: Yes, we have passed 100% test before shipment

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